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Message posted by Homersonic on January 31, 2006 at 0:03:46 PST:

From what's happened to the hockey board I work at, I can definitely tell you that we're getting dropped in the rankings for more corporately-friendly sites, some very good, and most very, very bad. If there's something going on, it's Google getting corporate, and promoting sites that have the "right" advertising links. Just my opinion...

Besides, those who do look and find this site are lucky indeed to find the definitive Area 51 that sense, it hurts us regulars to see drop as well, because that's why we came here and stay here.

If filing a complaint or a petition helps, let us know. If clicking on the occasional ad banner helps, let us know. There're a lot of loyal regulars, many of which who don't post often, but we're all very grateful for the tremendous amount of work all the contributors do for this site, and if there're ways to help, just let us know.

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