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Message posted by Lumpy on January 30, 2006 at 20:54:54 PST:

> ...I repeat that I have not made any changes that could explain a drop from #3 to #80+ within a week...

There are less people visiting your site. Less websites linking to your site. If you were a commercial enterprise, it would be the equivalent of "the competition is more visible or more attractive".

So go attract some new "business". Go over to the kiddie playground at ATS and see if you can interest some of those kids in having a look.

This discussion group, and the slant on this website in general, is very adult. The research is serious and accurate. That kind of thing has a tough battle when facing the "I wanna believe Lazar" crowd.

The information on this site is primarily historical, not speculative. There's new panoramas every so often. Maybe a new trip report now and then. But that's not exactly "sexy" to the people that want to believe that the government is controlled by baby eating grays that live in the vast underground tunnel system.

I would venture a guess and say that the majority of visitors to this site use the discussion forum. So we're already here. We come back every day. You're preaching to the choir. And it's a small choir.

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