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Message posted by Francois on January 24, 2006 at 19:05:41 PST:

Here's the translation:

Google works by finding how many sites link to where, and rates them according to the number of links, e.g. many sites about cancer will have a link to the Mayo clinic's web site, therefore the Mayo clinic becomes an "authority" on cancer and will be ranked higher. Sites that have many links to other sites on a topic, can also become "hubs" where people go as a starting point for their research. Hubs also rank higher. If everyone had links to DLR, it would become the "authority" on Area 51 and get a higher ranking.

What Lone wolf was saying is that the DLR website is built using frames (the left thand side menu is one frame, the right hand side content another one). Traditionally, it is harder for the average Joe to link to a specific page on a framed site as you might link to the outside frame, one of the subframes, etc... and the top url neverchanges, so many will only link ot the main page of the site, not the other pages, so someone googling for SR-71 but not interested in the rest of the site, would probably not stay on this site as the info about the blackbird is not on the main page, and would not think this site is interesting.

Secondly, usually, to link to a specific page, people will right-click to bookmark the page, or copy links to the clipboard. To make it harder for people to steal his pictures, Joerg runs a script that cripples many right-click commands, so again the casual surfer will probably not go through the trouble of disabling the scripts or viewing the page source to get the links he wants, and will continue on his merry way somewhere else.

Both of these are contributors to a lower ranking.

Personally, I think the lack of little green men is also a contributor as most people interrested in Area 51 are because of the X-files and Bob Lazar. Which is not a good thing.

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