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Message posted by lone wolf on January 30, 2006 at 21:32:05 PST:

The visits and hits to a website can be viewed by the webmaster, so Joerg would know if the hits are up or down. I still don't believe the number of visits matters in the google ranking, and in fact, this would be a problem since that algorithm would turn into a self fullfilling prophecy. That is, website that get lots of hits due to a forum (i.e. ATS) would always be on top, while there is much good information in what I would call a static website, such as [I suggest everyone download all of UFOmind before it goes away, especially the old Desert Rat newsletters.]

Now I did take a bit of time to look at the top ranked sites. Nobody is going to argue with the FAS or ufomind being up there.

However the area51zone is another story. It seems to be cross linked with, i.e. supposedly all the photos and stuff were submitted by that website. But we know is just a placeholder. In reality, the so-called submission is just a way to make it look like the photos and text that were stolen came from 3rd parties. How did a website started in 2000 get photos of those old white camo dude vehicles? Certainly not by the webmaster, who lives in New Jersey. The area 19 text is ripped off from Tom Mahood. Of course, all the cross referencing gets the website a high ranking.

I just don't think there is a way to win such a ranking war as people are gaming the system. It's like shills on ebay. You know they are there, but what can you do?

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