Strollin' down memory lane

Message posted by Tom on October 19, 2002 at 11:13:53 PST:

Hey, remember the good ol' days? The days of Wolfbane and before him, the Spook-Bowser? Yeah, those were the times!

Whenever some new revelation like Boeing's Bird of Prey is announced, I like to go back and have a fresh look at old statements made by those "in the know". It's sort of validating via hindsight. If some of their riddles meshed with what is unveiled, then maybe there's some validity in other statements made by them.

Wolfbane made a number of Groom-specific statements during his activity here, so he'd be one to take a close look at. On March 27, 2002 he posted, in part:

"...The name "Bird of Prey" belongs to a modified F-15 used on the Nellis Air Range Complex."

Well maybe it does, but I'd rate this as a pretty solid miss. Going further back, on March 8, 2002 he posted some surprisingly detailed specifics on Groom programs. I won't take up space to repeat all the threadage, but have a look. Nothing in what he mentions sounds remotely like the Bird of Prey. He talks about a self-funded program for a Skunkworks supercruise aircraft (which is what I remembered and the reason I went hunting), but the aircraft doesn't match, nor does the company.

Spooky-Dog does far worse, with nothing I could find remotely matching anything like the Boeing craft. But then he was more into genetically engineered nastys secreted away in underground missile silos.

I've always had an amusing hunch that the folks we see pop up here occasionally are actually "class projects" for an annual government counter-intel training class. If so, I'd give Wolfy a solid B (B+ if he got the Boeing stuff right) and the Spookster a C.

Let's see...should be about time for a new class....



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