Re: Strollin' down memory lane

Message posted by Andreas Parsch on October 21, 2002 at 8:05:52 PST:

> I seriously doubt these two were lightweight
> dilettantes or kids. [...] That said, it doesn't mean
> what they were saying was correct.

I agree to this. However, while Wolfbane probably does know _something_, I am very sure that much of his "revelations" were pure guesswork on his part (I don't quite buy the disinformation theory).

Gary has dug out his error with the BOP, and I wouldn't be surprised of much (possibly all) of his other "interesting" detail infos were false, too. To give an example, Wolfbane said in a posting on March 16, 2002 at 11:02:19 PST:

"The CN235 has the mil-designation C-34."

I'm a bit (well, a lot, in fact ;-) ) "into" designations, so I followed that one, and found out that the CN235 is definitely _not_ called "C-34". At least about designations, Wolfbane was IMHO essentially clueless, and therefore all his "F-121", "A-11", etc. talk shouldn't be taken more seriously than if it had come from, say, myself ;-).


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