Re: Strollin' down memory lane

Message posted by Tom on October 20, 2002 at 9:55:23 PST:

> But, do we REALLY think Spooky and Wolfbane were
> purposely sent here to lead us astray, or were they
> just kids (or kids at heart?) who thought they knew
> more than they really did? I tend to lean towards
> the latter.

I seriously doubt these two were lightweight dilettantes or kids. Their stories had a depth and richness that suggested they "knew some stuff". Their is also a certain "patter" or syntax one picks up from folks in the know that's hard to describe. But you know it when you see it. That said, it doesn't mean what they were saying was correct. I'd be surprised to see such statements made in a public forum without reprecussions. The big question was what percent of the info they posted was "chain yanking"? Then there's the possibility that they thought what they were posting was correct, but in fact they themselves were fooled by the very security system they worked under. So many questions....

> This is by no means a complaint but, it's not as if
> we've ever really got close to revealing anything is
> it? Road counters, Tikaboo weather conditions, crash
> sites and foreign radar sets near the back gate are
> hardly national security matters!

To normal folks, what you say is correct. But security folks have been described to me by people who have dealt with them in rather unflattering terms. Generally, they have an obsession with control. They don't want to see ANY info out the, because....well, you never know who's watching. That's the mindset anyway. I'm sure web sites such as Dreamland Resort are major thorns in their sides. I view this as a good thing...


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