Re: Strollin' down memory lane

Message posted by John on October 20, 2002 at 15:45:32 PST:

Tom: I do agree with your analysis, in reading back over some of the blatently misleading statements posted
on just this Forum, for me, a Layman, I also was able to pick-up on half-truths and some down-right misleading fabrications. For me, anywhay, this Forum
is a source of Enlightenment reguarding "Black Projects" and no, I also dont think we pose a threat to National Security, BUT! are a thorn in the side of
the " Security Mind-set" For me, the "Sky-Quakes" I both heard and felt fired my interest, as nothing else
ever has, before or since, YES! they really happened,
and I have thousands of viable Witnesses!


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