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Message posted by Mark Lincoln on July 15, 2011 at 16:12:06 PST:

Janet flights are of great use to some people who work at various locations in the southwest. They are not crucial to research and development programs, just very useful. An EG&G or other contractor technician can be more productive with their own airlines providing service between points no one would want to allow commercial flights. As could any other contractor. Janet is NOT essential, just useful.

What is little seen on these forums recently is anything actually about R&D at Groom Lake. I understand these activities are secret. I also understand that they are taking place at Groom Lake to conceal what is going on. Yet after a long life, much of which was spent with interests in aviation and related subjects, I have come to an opinion similar to Peter Merlin's about accident sites. There is always evidence which may be found or seen. For a simple example, the overhead of Tinker could be used to derive estimates of the rate of climb of E-3s on take-off. If the assumption is made that it was a MITO exercise then deductions could be made about the climb TAS.

Budgets will be getting tight for the next few years, programs have a tendency to be exposed when the budget fight gets hot. While the concept of 'spy satellites' was obvious in the mid-1950s Corona, Saint and Samos were all very black, with only the very open cover of Vanguard which was intended to establish the 'right' of over flight in space. The timing of that program was not driven by a 'space race' with the Russians, but rather by the need to orbit a 'civilian' satellite before Corona was expected to become operational.

With the intense public interest following Sputnik and subsequent knife-fights between the Army which was trying to salvage it's ABMA and the Air Force which was fighting the CIA for control of spy satellites and the Army for control of ballistic missile programs like Samos and Saint were revealed publicized and then went deep black again after the passing of Eisenhower budget restraint and the end of ABMA.

So watchers of Dreamland Resort (what a name for a desert hell-hole) what evidence is there seen which might indicate what is up?

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