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Message posted by Mark Lincoln on July 15, 2011 at 22:50:24 PST:

Transmission understood. The web master resents being perturbed. I understand that we are not to question, confront, or perplex the dignity, gravity, substance, or stagnation of this forum.

What about realit, which is to say what you have already allowed? Might that be pursued?

Noctullent Clouds are an interesting phenomena. It is one of the earliest ''new' events emerging in the early industrial age. They might even be connected. We do not have sufficient information (I feel) to prove that Noctullent Clouds either prove that environmental pollution started in the industrial age or, they are caused by Wombgies, or they are not yet explained by current knowledge.

One answer is probably correct. Any two might be correct. For all three to be correct is highly illogical.

The question of Noctullent Clouds - very pretty in my own experience - has been mooted for reasons of question.

The big one that comes to mind is the recent post which elicited few responses and soon the Noctullent Cloud thread ended.

The other possible reasons are that the moon was in the second house and Jupiter aligned with mars, or, the subject was voted out on Fantasy Dreamland Fantasy.

Is this passing too far? To question on the forum which might help folks to get a grip on high-altitude meteorlogical observations is either (a) Godless UFOlogy or (b) 'Commie Loving Politics'?

Or might we, if we wish, confront the occurrence and significance of Noctullent (night appearing) Clouds?

You have ultimate authority Hank.

The bigger question is whether this forum has lost all sense of curiosity, intellectual vigor, or even the ability to think wider than atrophied intellect and vigor will allow?

If you are going to hide in the castle of authority and whimper until i go away, then I would rather go away. More than that I would rather see a bit of vigor and inquisitiveness return to this forum. I was happier when I seldom had any reason to provoke people to think.

When this forum was generating intellectual leads it may not have always been right, but it was at least trying to determine what was true and what that meant.

Just how dead and vacuous must we be to meet your approval?

Over to you Fearless Leader Hank.

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