Re: To Mark Lincoln... Janet flights and E-3's

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on July 16, 2011 at 4:23:27 PST:

Some points for you to ponder.
1. You seem intelligent and experienced, unfortunately your chip on your shoulder makes you more of an ass than maybe you really are. Maybe.
2. This forum came to the same conclusion about stealth UAV's being a major project focus at A51 years ago. Nothing new if you will read previous posts. We discussed this way before UAV's became routine and a key element of modern warfighting. Talking down to those people that have been here awhile without doing your homework makes you appear less smart, not us.
3. As far as these clouds; feel free to tell us what you know as that is interesting, but please if there is a punchline that they are caused by the propellant in cans of PAM, then maybe not. While you mention global warming/climate change as a political topic, the reality is that adding politics to that issue has just polarized it and made the "science" of it suspect. What I think that like every ecosystem the planet is always changing. Not much due to humans as seen by the eruptions of major volcanos that put many times the amount of ozone, carbon and ash in the atmosphere than humans.

Bottom line Mark, keep talking I like what you know. However insulting this site, my good friend Joerg or Hank is simply crass and beneath you. Please knock it off.

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