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Message posted by Mark Lincoln on July 15, 2011 at 19:47:37 PST:

?We have no control of the amount of info or the subject matter or timing of its release."

My mistake. I thought you guys were not dependent upon what some drunk staggering outside the A'Le'Inn thought he saw.

I had the impression over some years of observation that this site and it's forum was the result of some serious interest and observation.

Of COURSE the 'base' does not chose to share their information.

What do you think intelligence operations do? Wait for the enemy to issue a press release?

Intel work is largely pedestrian. Paying attention for years to little things and constantly comparing them to possibilities and probabilities all the time trying to comprehend what they have to do with each other.

Almost fifty years ago I practiced my Russian by reading the Party Newspaper 'Pravda' (the Truth) and the state newspaper 'Izvestia' (the News}. It was not hard to understand the Russian joke that there was 'no news in the truth and no truth in the news." Indeed usually the important information was in the difference in the coverage.

If we were to play a game called Tom Mahood Might Be Right, what might we have seen reported in the news, and even on the lunatic flying saucer boards, which might confirm his particle beam theory? What might we have observed that would counter it?

Hank, you have a nice little and quite restrained forum here which seems to have lost all meaning and purpose over the last decade.

I understand your desire to keep it that way. Lord (in which I do not believe) knows that I do not want another Fox News rant board, or lunatic Aliens amongst us forum.

But what about some intel work. Some searching out there amongst the dross for what might - or might not - be useful knowledge.

I have been reading Aviation Week and Space Technology for most of my life. It is NOT what it once was, but still there is information there.

Nor has it recently been the utter propaganda pimp it was in the 1950s, when besides it's six-engined soviet bombers and nuclear powered bomber twaddle it still had useful information.

Over fifty years of watching an industrial news magazine supplies a long line of comparative data to use as a baseline and definition of deviance.

What do you, Hank, think are the scope and nature of current programs at Groom Lake? What reasons do you have for thinking so? What evidence is pro and con? Why might others on this forum agree, disagree, or speculate? how might we all check those speculations, theories, and positions?

First we are told we cannot venture into the realm of politics or UFOs.

I must agree with strong reservations.

Then we are told we cannot speculate because the base or some drunk has not told us anything.

Ok, then aside from who Janet dated today and what might be causing Noctilucent Clouds (in my response shaped by many decades of interest in paleoclimatology I was careful to provoke without suggesting Climate Change which is only the result of liberals and Al Gore) might we discuss?

Is everyone out there without any hypothesis which we might discuss, derive methods of testing and either reject, prove, or hold as an open subject?

My personal suspicion is that much of what is currently underway involves UAVs and the applications of stealth technology to such vehicles.

I also suspect that the building of a hanger with a very high interior might be to test an airship based vehicle about 250 feet long, 80-90 feet high, and with a width in the 240-250 foot range.

You guys reported the hanger, I have derived my numbers from reports in the press about it's successor and the size of the P-791.

Have at me. Have at my comparison of the P-791, it's reported successor, and the dimensions reported of the hanger being built at Groom Lake several years ago. Where is your willingness to take on my arrogant asshole? Prove my suspicion wrong, or at least suspect. Did the hight of the hanger raise any suspicions in you?

it sure as hell is higher than would be necessary to hold 'Dark Star' what ever that was if it ever was.

Let's rumble. We can argue without getting into silly behavior.

We might even, with collective intelligence and information, find some interesting ideas.

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