Re: Ya Wolh Mein Herr

Message posted by Mike Uttoveggio on July 16, 2011 at 9:51:16 PST:

One of my favorite things since I discovered this sight was how when in the discussion forum, many of the same topics were not repeated over and over again. That, and the fact that like so many others out there, there were not Trolls or people just in the mood to argue and stir things up here. Unfortunately as popularity grows and more and more people visit a website this thing tends to happen. By me even writing this I am somewhat being a hypocrite and wasting time in a post that doesnt take the story any further or bring anything new to the table. With that said, I just wanna say that I believe everyone on here is doing a great job and I will continue to check in here and support you. Thank you for educating me and answering any questions I had from time to time.

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