Re: To Mark Lincoln... Janet flights and E-3's

Message posted by Robert on July 16, 2011 at 15:25:48 PST:

Your passion is real, your knowledge and comments are somewhat interesting, but your comprehension of Area 51 and how this site relates to it is unrealistic at best! Many contributors similar to yourself "flame out" after a while. They don't really understand what this forum is about. The main reason some "flame out" is due to the fact that they have never been out to the Southern Nevada Desert. It is a perfect location for Area 51. I have been out there 100's of times and walked most of the border. They are the best at what they do. There is virtually no way for anybody to legally get a photo or video of a Top Secret project flying around in any detail. Every once in a while a little "nugget" comes to surface and it is usually up on this site FIRST! Without question this site gets any little "nuggets" out before any other source on the net. Unfortunately even little "nuggets" don't add up to much, but the amount of "nuggets" on this site paint a very comprehensive and important picture of Area 51. Now maybe you have been out there for yourself, I don't know. I just know that for those who have spent time in the desert out there, this site makes perfect sense and is a real valuable resource. Not all info, pictures, or videos can be put out in the public, but what is here is appreciated and it is fun to try and contribute. You appear to be on the verge of "flaming out", I hope not but just realize this site is the best at what it does!

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