This is my last post

Message posted by habu-e6 on October 07, 2009 at 22:35:52 PST:

When I first visited this web site, I was intensely focused on the statement highlighted on the founders bio page.

"What dark secrets can possibly be important enough for our government to justify killing its own citizens?"

This was the basis as a subject matter of many of my post.

It was my mistake to have taken this literally. I have now realized that the founder may not have much experience with government rules and regulations related to military operations and property.

I now believe I understand his motivation for this statement. It simply pertains to his reading of the No Trespassing sign posted on the installation property.

He may not understand that nearly all military installations have these signs posted on them. What the statement on these signs mean, is that you can be shot or the use of deadly force is authorized.

In other words if a person trespasses on this property, security personnel will respond and if the security personnel's safety is threatened by the trespasser, the security personnel have the responsibility to use deadly force to nullify the threat. This is the same standard policy for many many military installations.

The founder makes it appear as though security forces are actually killing people who step foot on the property. I have not heard of anyone being killed for trespassing on this site.


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