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Message posted by Robert on October 08, 2009 at 8:43:28 PST:

Yep, I think you misunderstood this forum. Joerg obviously knows that they are not killing civilians at Area 51. The "Use of Deadly Force" signs are part of the intrigue that surrounds Area 51, and yes, there are "use of deadly force" signs at other bases. This forum has a unique niche. The majority of the population is fascinated by the alien/ufo folklore, but this site is geared towards the "black projects". It is that simple! I enjoy the alien/ufo folklore, so I go to different sites for that info. This site does a great job at what it is geared for. You still sound like somebody that is looking to get in on a class action type lawsuit or something. This site just isn't that type of site. If former workers were dropping dead of Cesium poisoning, I am sure Peter Merlin or a few others would have some details about that. Area 51 and environmental issues and/or hazardous materials issues are interesting to some and important to all, but not really focused on a regular basis on this site!

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