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Maybe this is just my opinion but the security operations at Area 51 seem just a little different then most other US military installations don't you think..? I was at the border of Edwards AFB standing right near a US air force installation sign AT NIGHT. And i did NOT see any pickup trucks come racing down the road seeing what im doing. When im at area 51 IN THE DAY time and i am 5 miles away from the border i see pickup trucks racing to there view spot so they can make sure im not doing anything stupid. Also if you want to think of it this way All these other US bases that you say have the same "signs" you know there official name everybody does. BUT most people DO NOT know the official name for "Area 51" so if you ask me there doing a pretty good job on keeping it on the "down low". And as your studies have probably proved atleast they have for me is that the base is highly active. There are flights from Lockheed Martin in California, flights from Las Vegas and all over the US more than a 1,000 people fly in Area 51 a day. And then you've got workers that drive in so ill say Area 51 is more than you average Military installation. Most of the operations at 51 will probably be Classified for more than 50+ years if not more. Im guessing you might know all this already but i felt like i had to say my part. Maybe this doesn't mean anything at all to you but like i said maybe its just my opinion.

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