Let's start over with this Flyng wing thing

Message posted by Nelson on January 02, 2009 at 18:50:32 PST:

First of all, sorry I'm so slow on the computer, I'm getting a late start in computer literacy. Now, I'm not trying to start anything, I'm not implying that there's anything top secret or sinister going on, I'm just very curious about this thing.
I'm not sure of the location where the Polecat UAV crashed, I think I only saw a company press release that it had been destroyed in a crash. The picture of the polecat was admittedly altered by the company to hide details, but it's the only decent photo I could find, and I'm not sure about the wingtip details. As for the idea that it's a replacement horizontal stabilizer for a C-17, I already thought of that. I just updated my web page, with more pictures, as it happened there was a C-17 parked on the apron, it's visible in the same uncropped photo. So I put comparison pictures on the site with the same magnification and resolution, they're very different.
I'm honestly not implying that this is some top secret project, personally I think it might be one of the old designs being repaired or restored.
But I'd sure like to know for sure!


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