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Message posted by Nelson on January 04, 2009 at 7:45:39 PST:

Actually, this whole affair has turned out to be quite an eye opener for me. I totally agree, if there was anything secret about that thing it wouldn't have been out in the open, uncovered, less than a hundred feet from a public highway. I also agree that it's simply an ordinary unremarkable spare horizontal stabilizer, no big deal.
But I've been astonished at how it's brought out paranoia and thoughts of intrigue and conspiracy in two different guys I know, guys who I always thought until now were rational, intelligent, well informed people. Both of them are totally convinced that flying saucers are actually crossing interstellar distances to spy on earth and abduct people. The most shocking thing, to me, is that these are men on active duty in the military. I won't specify what branch or they'll both freak out again, they're both literally afraid that even this chat might be risking their careers, it's astonishing to me how paranoid and conspiracy minded they are on the whole subject of Groom Lake. They are absolutely convinced that the Air Force and CIA are reverse engineering captured flying saucers out there, in spite of common sense and all the satellite photos showing otherwise.
I guess you guys must be used to this sort of attitude in some of the people coming to this site, but it's new to me, like I said, it's been quite an eye opener. It's almost like a religious conviction, they have no rational or logical reasons for thinking these things, it's like an article of faith with them. I just spent half the night trying to use reason and common sense to get them see reality, and I got absolutely nowhere. Brace yourselves, one argument they were using is that the CIA is usng websites like this to spread disinformation and to spot and prevent leaks, they both assume that your explanations are simply another part of an impossible, illogical cover up.
Oh well, you don't dump friends just because they have some irrational beliefs, one of them is married to a girl who's firmly convinced she saw Bigfoot in the woods in Oregon, and the other is engaged to a girl who believes she cured her kid's inflamed tonsils by praying over him. I can get along with them, so I guess I can get past this too, aside from this particular delusion they're actually really good people.
But for christ's sake, what is there about a flight testing and electronics development base that brings out this kind of reaction in otherwise sane, rational people? It's one thing for uneducated uninformed people to fall for it, but wow, professional career military men who believe this stuff, it's incredible, and all it took to bring it to the surface were some pictures of a spare part outside a hanger!
Well, thanks again, like I said, it's been an incredible eye opener!

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