Re: Let's start over with this Flyng wing thing

Message posted by Nelson on January 03, 2009 at 11:27:49 PST:

Actually, I did try to ask Boeing, twice, and I got no answer. But I do appreciate the answer you guys came up with. I agree it does seem to part of a horizontal stabilizer, I just wish the dimensions matched the size of the C-17 a little better. Just to let you know, a friend of mine is the real skeptic, he's a helicopter pilot on active duty, he's the one who really went nuts over those pics. In fact, he's the one who suggested I ask you guys, he still thinks it's something being flown out of Groom Lake!
So personally, I'm ninety percent convinced that's all it is, a stabilizer component, since it's at that particualar maintanance hanger it's probably for a C-17. But the thing that has him skeptical is that he insists he can see "Flaperon" control surfaces on the thing's wings, and he's very insistant that sometimes cargo from that hanger is "covertly" flown to Groom Lake.
So please don't blame me, I'm logical and a realist, he's the conspiracy minded semi-mystic! He's actually kind of paranoid about even asking about thngs like this over the internet, afraid it might affect his career, so I'm just the front man.
Thanks for the input, I'll go on tryng to convince him it's not a "black" government program, but it's hopeless. What gets me is, he says some of his active duty friends feel the same way!

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