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Message posted by NoOne on January 04, 2009 at 1:00:11 PST:

This taken slightly out of context so please forgive me Joe while I make a point to Nelson..

>the U.S. has, does, and currently is operating
>a number of advanced aerial, communication, and
>detection systems

and certainly knows every pass of every satellite that could possibly compromise the security of an above top secret project - through the use of any kind of intelligence gathering capability including the obvious - image gathering. Steps are taken to obviate the risk. As for run-of-the-mill aerial photographs that's why "remote locations" with large flight exclusion zones are used during testing and why extraordinary measures are taken when moving objects from common locations (manufacturing plants) to "remote locations".

One small example of how seriously security is taken, at a recent public conference an engineer made a point to criticize Freedom Ridge and Tikaboo Peak visitors. The point was that their presence was known and that tests were rescheduled when prying eyes were there - at a significant dollar and time cost to the project (and to all of us really).

The bottom line is that it would be truly exceptional if the object in your image was some advanced "flying wing" vehicle and that had been left out in what was basically public view. Credible explanations have been provided as to the objects true identity. Case closed - get a new "friend".


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