Re: Let's start over with this Flyng wing thing

Message posted by JoeinTX on January 03, 2009 at 23:25:03 PST:

Well, then your "friend" scares me.

If a random Google Earth image of something very verifiable and definable at a public place sends him into a frenzy then there are problems involved that go beyond what we can diagnose here. Your "friend" should and does know better.

As for talking about it over the internet.......the U.S. has, does, and currently is operating a number of advanced aerial, communication, and detection systems from Groom and other places around the globe. That's what they do and it is in our best interests as a nation. That doesn't mean they have UFOs or that garbage.........just rid yourself of that.

There's my username (that I use everywhere), my IP, and whatever else..........and I promise I'll be back here tomorrow and next week and 6 months from now to talk about these things.

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