Re: George Knapp and Bob Lazar on coast to coast on Saturday

Message posted by lone wolf on April 02, 2006 at 19:09:33 PST:

I recorded it, but haven't reviewed what I recorded. I did listen to some of the interview, particularly the part where the raid was mentioned. This raid took place at least two years ago. It coincided with the last time Lazar did Coast to Coast. For those who scan the cops, it is pretty obvious only about 5% of the action makes the press.

George Knapp did a good job. Talk about a pressure cooker, i.e. hosting a radio show with 10 million listeners.

I did manage to hear the last 20 minutes or so of the show. Somebody asked Bob Lazar about Detachment 3. He never heard of it. WRONG ANSWER BOB! To give George Knapp credit, he went on to explain about Det 3 and how Glen Campbell discovered it.

What cracks me up is every caller knows someone who worked for EG&G. Hell, I worked for EG&G, but not everything they did was spook related, let alone classified. I even have EG&G test equipment that I've purchased on ebay, though none of it will make a decent particle beam weapon.

Getting back to the raid, Lazar mentioned that the feds (FDA) didn't like his accelerator. I never thought about this, but now that he mentioned it, I suppose something like that needs to be licensed. You can certainly generate X-rays with a cheesy accelerator, and I'm sure the feds would have something to say about that.

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