Re: George Knapp and Bob Lazar on coast to coast on Saturday

Message posted by Tom on April 04, 2006 at 6:40:30 PST:

I haven't heard the interview (I've found that following Lazar's antics to be no longer an entertaining use of my time), but if what I'm reading here is correct, his story is undergoing serious creep. The man's "gift" is slipping.

Lazar worked for Fairchild as an electronic tech in the San Fernando Valley before he moved to Los Alamos. He met his first wife while he worked there. He wasn't there long and it was a low-level tech position.

Kirk Meier was a company providing contract technical workers at Los Alamos National Labs. It was listed in the LANL as "proof" that Lazar worked at Los Alamos (the LANL directory had "K/M" next to Lazar's name). It's the reason Lazar did work at Los Alamos but they "have no records". Kirk Meier would have the records. He wasn't hired by LANL.

Kirk Meier has never been mentioned as an "interface" to EGG. The EGG episode, if it happened, was after Lazar bailed from Los Alamos (and I heard an interesting story why THAT happened) and relocated to Las vegas.

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