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I was at EG&G Reticon, now part of Perkin Elmer. The majority of EG&G had nothing to do with spook activity, though we made custom images sensors for the feds and weapons "fuses." Other than being a member of the EG&G Credit Union (via snail mail), I had nothing to do with EG&G Special Projects.

Radar? More like sonar. My days at EG&G predate the internet, so your probably have an image of the company that is a lot less spookier than reality. This isn't to say we didn't get the occasional bomb threat from people who thought we were up to no good.

The link provided writes the history of EG&G in a deceptive manner, though it is somewhat correct. Since EG&G is so old, if you really wanted to research the company, you would need to dig up old annual reports. It was a technology conglomerate, buying and selling companies that were in niche markets. I've tossed whatever annual reports I had years ago, but some libraries keep old annual reports on file.

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