Re: George Knapp and Bob Lazar on coast to coast on Saturday

Message posted by lone wolf on April 03, 2006 at 19:21:03 PST:

And you have inspected every employment record for EG&G? Somehow I doubt this as they contain personal information such as your soulsh (Vegas PD talk for social security number). Even then, if he had a contract, I doubt you would see it unless you work for EG&G accounting. You need to be careful not to paint yourself into a situation that is as unbelievable as that of Bob Lazar. ;-) You can get all sorts of philosophical arguments about proving a negative. Note that Saddam had quite a difficult time proving a negative.

I listened to the interview for a second time. Bob mentions a recruiting company ("Kirkmeyer", my guess at the spelling) that was the interface between himself and EG&G. Bob said at the time he was working for Fairchild Semiconductor. This is the first time I heard he worked in Silicon Valley. I never heard of this recruiting firm (aka headhunter), but those companies are often a guy and a telephone, and they come and go.

Saying you worked for Fairchild is also a great cover story since the company went out of business then somehow was resurrected. I'm sure their records are a mess.

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