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Message posted by Richard on April 06, 2000 at 09:35:46 EST:

I think Have Doughnut was to do with the Red Hat squadron that were based there for a good few years operating Migs and Sukoi's in the DACT role after the technology was looked at of each fighter/helo.
There were several photos knocking around of a few Mig 21s on the ramp outside the Red Hats hanger at Groom Lake.
Mig21s, Mig23s, Su17s etc i think were the main aircraft together with Mil mi-8s etc.
Of course today, the F-16 aggressor unit takes over the role of the Red Hats but this is not DACT unfortunately.
These aircraft were aquired mid-east countries and also later on i think from the Yom Kippur War and various nations such as India and more previously Slovenia and Romania and other 'ex' Warpac countries.

It really is hard to get hold 'Have' programs in the way of good information because there are so many 'have' programs out there. Youve got Have programs that are aircraft and then you have Have programs for missiles and etc... for example 'have nap' some people first thought might of been a new aircraft, but it was the AGM142 (popeye) stand off missile used on B52H's. It is easy to get mixed up...although most of the declassified programs are pretty easy to get hold of and understandable you just gotta finmd the right source.

I recently emailed Northrop for information on 2 certain Tacit programs and Lockheed with 2 certain HAVE reply unfortunately.

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