new "photos" of the aurora floating around!!!!!

Message posted by shadeone on October 07, 2002 at 10:29:13 PST:

there are some photos taken by that guy boomer in there.. he does not have a story to go along with these photos... also read my post near the bottom of the page about it being the testors model... its looks very similar... llthough some of teh things dont quite match up like the cockpitand wahtnot.. there is the top set of pictures that loads, but further down the page he posted some incredibly nice resolution pics but they are having trouble loading right now because so many people are looking at them... just kepe right clicking and clicking "show picture" and eventually they will load...

i have all the pics saved to hard drive if any one wants to mirror them

even if they are fake, they are causing quite a stir..

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