Re: new "photos" of the aurora floating around!!!!!

Message posted by RcTeller on October 08, 2002 at 19:37:11 PST:

First off, I think the pictures are not of a "full scale" aircraft, but some of the rationale against this conclusion is flawed IMHO.

From Toms, no flaps or slats on a Mach+ vehicle? Sure, do you see any on the Concorde, XB-70, SR-71, or B-58? Thess aircraft use "vortex" lift in lieu of other high lift devices. Flaps on the trailing edge of a detla wing will result in a pitching moment. In addition the gear looks "scale" to me.

From Aaron, I agree the photos could easily be of a model, but one of the subsequent photos clearly show a four-wheeled bogie on each main gear. Possible on a flying model, but not common....

From Slick, an aircraft on approuch might not have a significant heat plume with a reduced throttle setting. Consider this picture, which was likely not faked...

I hope I haven't offended everyone here, and I agree with your conclusions that the pictures are not "real," but mostly based on the likeness to the Testors model. Wouldn't it be neat if we were all wrong :) ?


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