Re: new "photos" of the aurora floating around!!!!!

Message posted by aaron johnson on October 08, 2002 at 12:18:19 PST:

Based on my experiences as R/C Modeler builder and pilot. The photo's by one known as boomer I think what we are looking at, is a R/C ducted fan model. Firstly the main landing gear is similiar tooan f-16 R/C model landing gear. It is difficult, but not impossible to build such a model. If I were given the tools and materials and money I probably could build one. There are plenty of jet look a like r/c models out there, like a mirage 2000 delta wing designs, etc. Most of the data concering the full scale aurora shows it with a quad wheel configuration on the main gear, like on a 747 from, viewing the photo of said aurora clearly has single wheel main gear like f-16. Looks like the kind used by R/C model fliers. I agree with magoo until more info is available I remain in doubt to the validity of the photos!.

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