Re: new "photos" of the aurora floating around!!!!!

Message posted by toms on October 08, 2002 at 17:27:31 PST:

our dear friend Mr. Bloopers ( sorry, I couldn't resist...) is standig with his camera in broad daylight near enuff to that 'remote location' to shoot this bird coming in ( if it was going out, the landing gear wouldn't be out all the time ), it goes overhead ( yeah, 75 planform! ), it goes left and right, then left again, shortly before touch down ( pic No. 8 ) - it's almost level with the camera! Where was he? Right next to the runway, or what?! You couldn't possibly get that hi-res from Tikaboo!! And BTW where are the flaps??! Landing a Mach 3+ craft without the flaps down must be real fun! The landing gear looks a bit oversized and no markings on the tail - even the A12 had them - shouldn't it say: 'CIA', 'NRO' or 'Saddam - we're watching you!' - or maybe 'TESTORS'???
Gimme a break!!!

In Reply to: new "photos" of the aurora floating around!!!!! posted by shadeone on October 07, 2002 at 10:29:13 PST:


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