Chuck Clark's Mystery Aurora Videotape?

Message posted by Chris on October 05, 2002 at 9:03:32 PST:

First off, I would like to say how much I enjoy this site and believe by far it's the best depot on Groom Lake on the net. With that said, I wanted to post something I have been curious about for some time now, true or false as the claim may be. I'm sure most of you have either heard of or read the David Darlington book, '"Area 51: The Dreamland Chronicles." It's a great source of info that touches on not only the facts as we know them about Area 51, but the personalities of the early-mid 90's who were in the forefront of seeking the "truth" about what happens at the facility. In the book the author had sat down with Chuck Clark to discuss his opinions and ideas on the topic, and his experiences in his time investigating the site. Clark had made a statement in the book that I found extremely intresting and fascinating at the same time. I'll take the conversation between the author and Clark right from the text. "I even saw the Aurora take off one night - or an aircraft that matched the Aurora's reputed configuration, a sharp delta with twin tails about a hundred and thirty feet long. It taxied out of a lighted hangar at two-thirty A.M. and used a lot of runway to take off. It had one red light on top, but the minute the wheels left the runway, the light went off and that was the last I saw of it. I didn't hear it because the wind was blowing from behind me toward the base." The author then asked Clark when this had taken place. "February 1994. Obviously they didn't think anybody was out there. It was thirty below zero - probably ninety below with the wind chill factor. I had hiked into White Sides from a different, harder way than usual, and stayed there two or three days among the rocks, under a camouflage tarp with six layers of clothes on. I had an insulated face mask and two sleeping bags, so I didn't present a heat signature. I videotaped the aircraft through a telescope with a five-hundred-millimeter f4 lens coupled via a C-ring to a high-eight digital video camera with five hundred and twenty scan lines of resolution, which is better than TV." The author then asked where the tape was. "Locked away. That's a legitimate spyplane; my purpose is not to give away legitimate national defense. When they get ready to unveil it, I'll probably release the tape." I have to say that I would be extremely intrested in seeing that tape, but I also respect Clark's wishes. I know alot of the camera work done on this site is indeed done by Clark and done extremely well I must add. But if he won't let all the folks out there see the tape, I ask you this, how about just a still from the tape. One frame, one still. Post it up here or wherever you feel comfortable doing so. Obviously, one picture isn't going to jeopardize national security, especially from the distance at which the aircraft was filmed from. Keep up the great work with the site and best of luck to all. Let's get that picture up!!!


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