Re: Chuck Clark's Mystery Aurora Videotape?

Message posted by Tom on October 07, 2002 at 20:06:24 PST:

A few thoughts on this subject....

Chuck isn't doing media interviews claiming to have exclusive video of Aurora. He merely mentioned it in a discussion with a guy writing a book. He had no control over how it would be presented, or even what would be included in the book (if anything). Chuck also mentioned that no one was going to see the video. Fair enough, and that lets anyone interested weigh the credibility of the claim. He's under no obligation to prove anything, and no one is under any obligation to believe him. I expect he really doesn't care what anyone thinks, particularly if what he says he has is real.

Anyone hanging around A51 in a serious manner, who is diligent enough, stands a good chance of seeing something classified. Certainly the government goes to great lengths to make such occurrences difficult, but you know how the adage goes, "if someone REALLY wants to steal your car, there's nothing you can do to prevent it." Likewise, if someone REALLY wants to see black aircraft, and wants to lurk for days or weeks under the departure path with the right equipment, they'll likely be sucessful. I think most folks who've spent extended time out there would agree. Fortunately for the Feds, few folks are that crazed (I'm certainly not).

And what if you do catch a picture or video of a secret project? Is it the "right" thing to do to send it to AvWeek immediately? It's not like you're uncovering an illegal or criminal operation. This is our government doing things on our behalf.

Personally, I have no problem with the government wanting to keep things secret. Certainly I have an interest in some aspects of their activities, but I figure if I'm lucky or smart enough to uncover something, it's no one's business but mine.

Insert disclaimer here: I'm not saying I ever saw anything sensitive. But I did give the subject some thought as to how I would handle it if I did.


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