Re: Chuck Clark's Mystery Aurora Videotape?

Message posted by gary on October 06, 2002 at 22:20:45 PST:

I re-read your original post, and the temperatures stated just can't happen. While I can't check Rachel weather in the time period indicated, Caliente has the complete weather data. The coldest day in February ever recorded in Caliente was on 2/14/1995, with a temp of -18. This is pretty far from -30, though quite unpleasant. And -90 at the base? Of course, Chuck could still have been out there videotaping, but not in that cold of an environment. [This may seem like nit-picking, but the police use this kind of fact checking all the time to check alibis; well at least on TV.]

Note that a camcorder connected to a 500mm lens is much higher magnification than you get with 35mm film due to the size of the CCD sensor being smaller than 35mm film. Not knowing the exact camcorder Chuck used means I can't say exactly what the magnification difference is, but an equivalent of 1500mm would certainly be possible. The view from White Sides with that kind of magnification should be good enough to resolve a plane, though I'm not sure what you would see at night. [Remember that Steve Hauser could resolve an F14 from Tikaboo.]

Incidentally as an FYI, your use of the repeated dollar signs triggers the Microsoft spam filters. ;-)

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