Re: Chuck Clark's Mystery Aurora Videotape?

Message posted by Chris on October 07, 2002 at 14:29:19 PST:

Joerg, I will respect your wishes and cool down on the topic. However, while I don't personally know Clark, the points that I make are still valid. I gave Clark much praise in my first post if you re-read it. I have nothing personal against the man, but I think that claims that he made shouldn't be made at all unless your willing to back it up, period. This is also the same person, mind you, that in the same paragraph as his Aurora sighting in the Dreamland Chronicles, claims that he has seen the TR-3A Black Manta there "all the time". Got any proof of that? I think as a webmaster it isn't right, or fair of you to accuse me of making absurd accusations or whatever term(s) you used. I do have a right to my opinion, and I never knocked the guy til he snapped back at me in his reply through you. Maybe I'm mistaken, but doesn't Clark sell high-resolution photos that he has taken of the base on this site, I could have sworn I have seen that posted here before. So in some terms, Clark is making a few bucks on Groom Lake. I also understand your points on sticking up for Chuck, like you said he does provide your site with FREE work, so you would be foolish to question him. I remember Clark once accused Glenn Campbell, of the recently diminished Area 51 Research Center (although his bookstore at is doing well I hear) saying that Campbell was there to make money on the base, to run a business that would bring him income rather than to search for the "truth." Basically if Clark was so concerned with the state of our country since 9/11, he would have stopped snooping around the facility trying to catch the money shot just around the same time that first plane hit the tower in NY at the WTC.

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