Re: Video footage of Objects around Area 51

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on February 01, 2011 at 14:24:24 PST:

The way Hollywood has distorted reality has people really confused; just because movies and TV show holograms as free-standing images - it doesn't mean that they actually exist. Well, they don't. They need something to be projected upon like a screen - thin air does not work. But I guess that people that think that HOWARD THE DUCK means ducks talk and acts in horrible movies will believe ANYTHING that is put before them; hence the power of TV. Not only does holograph technology CANNOT explain the twin towers act of terror, but the surrounding collateral damage like the aircraft engine core that ended up blocks away kinda firms up that a couple of planes really did destroy the twin towers. Sometimes it pays to live and interact with the real world and get away from the keyboard, TV, video games and the internet. The people at ground zero have so much to say about the actual events that they feel that people who view a you tube video of the incident and then feel like casting an opinion like "it was a hologram and the buildings were brought down by explosives" deserves a good whuppin'. Not to mention that unless you have years of experience with demo, don't even try to cast an opinion about that issue - and don't try to justify a point of view based on (once again) TV, movies or internet education.

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