Re: Video footage of Objects around Area 51

Message posted by Ag51 on February 01, 2011 at 17:31:49 PST:

What ever happened, how it occurred and why, I dont surpose we will ever know..

But it did and which ever way you look at it.. your view or the videos... It is questionable !

You make some fair points about the prep to set it up for detonation.. I dont have all the answers...

I dont know how much prep would be required.. as you point out Im no demonition expert..and I am not aware of what power effects various explosives could produce.

I agree that there would had been severe vibration that may have effected the structure, BUT I am very doubtful that it would had collapsed the way it did..

All building collapsed in seconds once they started..

Is this the likely way they should had collapsed at such speed ?

I dont know... but I would certainly suspect they would do so if they had been detonated...

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