Re: Video footage of Objects around Area 51

Message posted by Ag51 on February 01, 2011 at 13:33:55 PST:

I am not saying that I believe the Holagram theory being used on 9/11, but I have read something in the past from some forum that suggested that it may had been a possibilty as to the fact holgram technolgy is
now highly advanced and its hard to tell the difference between a hologram projection which is like a film being projected in the sky, and reality.

As for the possibilty of detonation of the WTC...

This is now a very common conspiracy theory..and I have watched videos of a nearby building that callapsed on the day that was certainly unusual as if I recall the building was a fair distance away from the WTC and as far as I recall wasnt effected by the falling towers..and this was questioned by many structual engineers, whos only explanation as to why it colaspsed was to be detonated...

I have to admitt that it did seem very unusual.

I do believe that the military do have holagrams and
are capable of projecting images that are very hard to tell apart from reality objects..Ive also read that they have been used to project UFOs...Maybe to fool the public if covering something up.

I dont think this is conspiracy, its the capability of todays technolgy which no doubt can be somewhat concerning if used in the wrong way..

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