Re: Video footage of Objects around Area 51

Message posted by Ag51 on February 01, 2011 at 16:29:36 PST:

As I said, I only pointed out that there had been a theory of use of holagram on 9/11... I myself doubted it for the reasons you give and the fact that it was a moving situation, ( ie seeing two planes move across the sky from a distance..

But also I am unqualified to say either way as I am no scientist..and I do not know what is possible with holagram technology..but I wouldnt count out that there may be even more advanced technolgy than even many experts are aware of..

As for the Collapse of the twin towers and building 7 ..without going into anymore detail as I dont wish to discuss it much further..

I do think that the twin towers were hit by real aircraft. but detonation may have also been used.

with building 7..

To me , That was unusual... ( admittedly from a youtube video)The BBC had reported that it had collapsed 20 minutes before it did...

and when I see documentarys or even some youtube videos that appear to have experts making their point of view... I do believe that I or anyone have the right to question things... I believe that I can to some degree make an opinion from False type suggestions and likely reality scenerios..

( but I surpose everything in life is realitive to opinion)

this is just a very short video that does offer an explanation.. but my question would be WHY ? and also it does appear to collapse similar to the twin towers... which the video also suggest that the way they all collapsed in the way they did, that they could not had occurred unless they had been detonated..

and my own thoughts on this was I think that it seems a strong possibility..based upon some of the physics behind how it fell.

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