Who is monitoring Dreamland?

Message posted by gp3po on November 22, 2007 at 8:15:41 PST:

With all the interest and scrutiny of Area 51 by the Dreamland site folks and fans, I can't imagine that certain government security agencies would not be monitoring the site and individuals involved.

Area 51 appears to be an active military base involved in research and developement of aircraft and other systems. It is certainly more than just a "diversion" to draw focus away from the "real" top-secret bases.

I wouldn't be suprised to find some of the folks involved with the Dreamland site are themselves security agents. Conversly, if I were a foreign agent interested in activities at Area 51, I would get involved with the site. This would allow me access to many "eyes" and the ability to move around the area without seeming to be a threat. (I am sure the security forces are vigilant, but probably regard the folks poking around their borders as mostly members of the "fan club".)

Any opinions on this matter? Certainly, I am not the first to suggest it.


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