Re: Who is monitoring Dreamland?

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on November 23, 2007 at 7:38:00 PST:

One of the uniquie attributes of this site is the particpation of professionals and true analysists that look for trends, patterns and detail. While not meaning to be rude to those that want to speak only of greys, alien abductions and reverse engineering, we as a group, while keeping a healthy hope that we are truly not alone, realize the purpose of A51 is the advancement of America's security by development of top secret flying and spaceborne vehicles. While some of the discussions come very close to stepping over the line for disclosing sensitive infomation, for the most part the DLR team simply keeps the flow of unclassified information to find the patterns that might let us know what the next SR-71, TSR-2 or F-117 will be. I am sure there are many officers, workers and security personnel that visit our site and look to see what we are talking about. Since we keep the odd-balls to a minimum, adhere to a "don't cross the line" advice policy, and show respect to both the workers and their missions, I think that although they might cringe at some of our more accurate observations and conclusions, they have no problem with what we do.

At any rate, a very Happy Holiday to the DLR Team, the quiet lurkers, the occasional posters, and the visitors that bring first hand information or analysis of A51 projects. Also to the Governmental workers, contractors and military personnel, thank you for your service and sacrifice. Your efforts that result in a greater capability to keep our warfighters safe and our country strong are fully appreciated. God bless to you all.

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