Re: Who is monitoring Dreamland?

Message posted by Roadeye on November 23, 2007 at 13:30:26 PST:

I certainly agree that there are people from government agencies on all sides monitoring this site and others like it all over the world wide web.
But, perhaps not for the reasons you may think.

For instance...if I was in charge of security and intelligence at Area-51 it would make perfect sense for me to be a regular on this site...if for no other reason than to find out what kinds of stories you people will accept and what you will reject out of hand.

Thus, should there be something go on that needed to be covered up or explained away...I would not have to waste my time coming up with a story that would not be plausable to you.

Thanks to all of your discussions on various topics over the years...and all the information you've passed on to me about your knowledge bases etc. I should be able to fabricate something that you would all buy with very little persuasion.

And even if there were people out there who doubted what I came up with and didn't trust it...
All I would need is someone like Joerg to buy into it...and a large number of your members would follow suit.
I'm sure security people all over the world thank their lucky stars for sites like this...and the web in general on a daily basis.

Just my two cents

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