Re: Who is monitoring Dreamland?

Message posted by JB737 on November 24, 2007 at 5:51:01 PST:

You can be sure that spook-bureaucrats of many levels and descriptions plunk a few search terms into Google every day, and they occasionally find find hits on a thread on DLR. Of course, they have more sophisticated internet-monitoring tools than that.

Does it lead them (or just make it easier for them) to keep a list of "persons of interest" associated with base-watching? In the current climate, the answer is pretty surely yes. We make it easy for them...they can find out who we are without so much as a warrantless search, which they would also do without batting an eyelash.

The base and its operations are highly secure despite semi-successful attempts at piecing together some interesting info about it. Seeing as none of us have posted so much as a blurry picture of a secret craft in recent memory, adversaries who follow our discussions are generally wasting their time. So what if they learn that there is a new hangar, a new tower, or whatever? They already have access to that from Google Earth and "Open Skies Treaty" flights.

Duplicating a cutting-edge technology requires a lot more than knowledge of its existence and photos of the buildings where it was tested. Even if you handed an adversary a fully working machine, they might not be able to faithfully duplicate it before it is obsolete. Knowing which tree a camo dude hangs out behind, doesn't help.


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