Re: New hangar sight lines

Message posted by Tim on July 30, 2007 at 21:20:36 PST:

I'm going to be the devil's advocate here.

First,how often do people actually climb Tikaboo Peak? Is it even possible during winter? From what I've read, it takes know how, stamina and work to get up there.

Second, for those who have been up there, how often has anyone ever seen an "article" parked outside or taxiing around? I only recall 1 report where someone saw something out in the open.

Lastly, when it really matters, at night, can you actually see test aircraft on the ground? I'm not talking about nav lights, I mean actually seeing a plane illuminated by the light from the base.

If the answers are not very, no and no respectively, why bother with a berm? All the hangers have metal walls, which obviously we can't see through.

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