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Message posted by psiuh88 on July 31, 2007 at 19:20:13 PST:

wind tunnels and the intake/impeller structures are pretty darned big and would really stick out like a sore thumb.

It could be an engine test stand and building to cover it.

maybe something for RATTLRS with the rolls turbojet?
or this
if they have this now, and assuming they certainly could have had similar if not better (and slightly smaller) engines than the PW J58 in the 80-90's, then what might have been built out of the same alloy of titanium as the SR 71 in the early 90's? I don't think they would have been totally re-skinning the black birds with a few years to go in their operational life.
if you build 70 units (or even 20) its harder to keep them a secret - especially if their main purpose as in the (F-117) B-2 is deterrence. if you build 5 or 6 (or less), its easier to keep under wraps - especially when you would rather not have "potential" enemies knowing you can penetrate their airspace at will.

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