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Complex weapons systems hardly ever get it right the first time. but even a system that has limitations is better than no counter-balance at all. If an enemy doesn't know for sure that they will strike a telling blow - they probably will not. Just to have a partially effective airborne LASER will force the bad guys to rethink their plans. Kim's Longdong-2 is years away from the threat the Russians still possess - and are still pointing at us. All it would take is another shift in prioroties for us and the Russkies to be toe-to-toe again. A viable, mobile ABM system complicates their warfighting strategy to the point of making a first strike unthinkable due to the uncertainty. Just like having some commercial pilots armed, no professional terrorist will not plan on busting into a cockpit of he might get a couple of .45 slugs above his eyebrow. Just the possiblity makes them hesitant to try an agressive act.

BTW I got a copy of "Aircraft Illustrated" today and the article that Joerg authored and provided images for is excellent. I urge all to pick up a copy soon. I got mine (the last one) at Barnes and Noble.

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