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Andre', I guess I'm a bit more cynical about the political will in this country and how it translates into projecting military power. I agree that most clear-thinking Americans living outside of Massachusetts... and Southern California, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Austin, etc., would wholeheartedly approve of dark-roasting Kimmie, but our leaders are so damned worried about what the world press thinks that they shape military action to placate the un-placatable! Our enemies see that as WEAKNESS, that we are not willing to get our hands stained with innocent blood. A nuclear weapon is very indiscriminate. A lot of nice North Koreans will die along with their crazy leader, but hasn't that ALWAYS been the nature of war? We killed more Japanese in one night of firebombing Tokyo than we did with 2 nukes several months later, and I feel quite certain that many who perished were not fond of what their country was doing. Ditto for Germany.
Today's enemy hides in Mosques and shields themselves amongst women and children, knowing full well that if we injure of kill innocents in the process of whacking the bad guys, America will be vilified in the world press. To make matters worse, individual American soldiers are becoming propaganda targets, and I worry that they might end up suffering at the hands of the spineless trying, once again, to placate the un-placatable.
An example: I am quite certain our jihadist adversaries view precision-guided munitions as a sign of weakness, not strength. To them, war is no-holds barred. To us, war is killing and destroying just enough that the press, the left and our so-called international "friends" won't say too many bad things about us. War is dirty, nasty, bloody business, and you must make your enemy suffer as much as possible until they give up or are annihilated. Period.
I wonder how long it would have taken us to win WWII if we fought it using today's political tempering of military force?

The Major

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