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I believe that the United States National Command Authority, the JCS, the Congress and the people of the United States (except Massachusetts) would all agree that a punative, retaliatory nuclear strike would be justified in the event that a clearly identified nation used a nuke or equal WMD against the US or it's treay allies. We would HAVE to strike or lose the deterrance effect of having a big stick but not using it when the recognized threshold is reached. The bitch is when we would have nuke or dirty bomb detonate in Syndey, Honolulu, or San Diego and not have a clearly responsible party, or a stateless group claims responsibility. Hence the real issue with the Islamic Bomb; who do we retailiate against in a timely manner when it's delivered by a Islamic fundamentalist group? Yes, yes, yes, I know we are not fighting Islam and it's just been an amazing coincidence that ALL the terrorists that have brought terror to America have been Islamic jihadists, so we can't even TALK about that, but it still might happen. Will we use the bomb, yes if we have an identifiable target and clearly responsible party. If Yokohama dissappears and a smoke trail leads back to North Korea, well, we just have been awarded a new nuclear testing ground. After the current NK heirarcy has been reduced to their sub-atomic particles, we will ask if there is anybody left that wants to talk about the stupidity of picking a fight with a country that still holds a grudge for the first Korean War. In the meantime hunker down with you pineapple drinks and hide behind a Samoan if you see an incoming vampire with NK markings.

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