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Message posted by zipper on March 26, 2000 at 23:15:53 EST:

I know you are upset about my earlier comment but it seems we have something in common. Couldn't agree more about your "all time favorites". I guess I'll show my age also - my "first love" was F-86D, my ALL TIME the F-104 and yeah, if I had to take a current line item it would be the F-16 for the same reasons you gave. Now a "quote" for Magoo - "The bird (104) got a bad rep during its infancy - in the USAF about a third of them were lost to engine failure before GE got the bugs out of it. In the Luftwaffe a lot of accidents were due to a combination of green pilots, poor maintenance and lousy (normal) European wx".
Cheers; zipper

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