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Message posted by Someone Who Knows on March 24, 2000 at 06:05:15 EST:

Magoo -

Yeah, the F-23 is another scrummy piece. Too bad it is siting on the ramp at Dryden wasting away. When I worked the JSF (white) program, the F-23 "shell" was just down and across the taxiway from JSF. For a LONG time, there were two F-23 "shells" sitting out at Edwards South base, by the museum planes, just sitting in their own fenced in area.

This might sound old school, but my favorite jet of all time is the F-104 or F-86. Of the modern era, scoop me up a dish of F-16. One pilot, one engine. That is the way aerial combat was meant to be!

Seen the link before?

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